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You have a passion and a calling to become an entrepreneur and make a living doing what you love. You want to make a difference in the world, have more impact and feel fulfilled by the work you do. So you launch your business and now you're ready to put yourself out there and take on clients. You build yourself a website, create a social media account and announce you're open for business.

But instead of clients knocking down your door to work with you, all you hear is crickets. You’ve spent thousands of hours listening to podcasts, watching online trainings, downloading every freebie you can get your hands on, only to be left in information overload, analysis paralysis, and struggling to attract your ideal clients (or any clients at all).

You're doing all the things and not seeing any results. You put so much effort into your business only to be stuck in analysis paralysis and spinning your wheels. You feel totally frustrated, unsure of what to focus on to move your business forward and you’re starting to wonder whether you can actually turn your side hustle into a full-time gig and get paid to do what you truly love.

Does this sound familiar?

I get it, because I've been there.

I've spent 6 months spinning on my ideal client and procrastinating on launching offers because I wasn't clear on my message and stuck in old patterns. I've spent 3 years hiding behind the scenes in my business because I was terrified to get visible. 

The good news? It doesn't have to take you that long (and it doesn't have to feel like a struggle). Building a business is actually pretty simple. The hard part? Overcoming the self-sabotage, limiting beliefs and subconscious programming that keeps us stuck and playing small.

Once I hired support and decided to get out of my own way, things changed drastically. I started receiving opportunities to be featured on podcasts, interviews, online magazines, as a guest expert and started attracting (and signing!) my dream clients. Since then, I've had my highest income months and I get to work with the most amazing clients helping them get paid to do what they love.

I've invested $30K+ in my business, spent tens of thousands of hours learning and implementing the mindset and strategy and I'm committed to stepping outside of my comfort zone on a daily basis. My passion is helping you get clear on your message, align your mindset and start attracting and signing your dream clients with ease.

You have a message that the world needs to hear. I want to help you share it.

it is not what we get, but who we become and what we contribute that gives meaning to our lives.

— Tony Robbins

dream client accelerator


a 6 week 1:1 coaching intensive for ambitious entrepreneurs ready to master their message, align their mindset and sell with soul.

• You're done with DIY-ing your business and ready to get the support you need to take your business to the next level
• You are tired of spinning your wheels, wondering what you're doing wrong and ready to create unstoppable momentum
• You're ready to get clear on your message, create a signature offer, get visible AF and sign your next paying client

$997 USD

This is for you if...

• 6 x 1:1 weekly strategy sessions to hold you accountable, re-align your strategy and remove any mindset blocks
• Unlimited Voxer support to keep on track, navigate the roadblocks and celebrate your breakthroughs
• Feedback and copywriting support on your messaging, sales page, content creation, etc.
• Workbooks, resources and trainings to help you elevate your business and fast-track your success
• Access to my community of experienced Virtual Assistants, Social Media Managers, Copywriters, etc.

What's included?


• You're committed to staying stuck and not willing to invest your time, money and energy into growing your business
• You're unsure if you even want to be an entrepreneur and too stuck in indecision or self-doubt to move forward
• You aren't ready to implement, take action, make quick decisions and push yourself outside of your comfort zone

This is NOT for you if...

During our time together, I will coach you through the roadblocks and teach you the strategies you need to create unstoppable momentum. We’ll uncover the limiting beliefs that might be holding you back and use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to re-wire your subconscious mind (goodbye self-sabotage!). We’ll design a laser-focused action plan that feels exciting and aligned, master your message and create effective copy that attracts, resonates and converts your dream clients.

I’m taking my 4 years as a graphic and web designer, brand strategist and virtual assistant for highly successful entrepreneurs and combining it with my passion and experience as a business coach to help you master your message, align your mindset and sell with soul. If you're ready to stop spinning your wheels, drop the excuses and get sh*t done, you're in the right place.


Because this is only a 6 week intensive, this is for the action-takers and implementers only. We'll re-wire your subconscious mind using NLP techniques so you can finally get unstuck and start seeing the results you desire and I'll teach you strategies you can use over and over again to make back your investment tenfold. You'll have my support every step of the way but you have to be willing to show up, do the work and take messy imperfect action

If you're still in the launch phase of your business, you’re going to have to put in the work. You might have to sacrifice your evenings, weekends and some sleep to make it happen — especially if you're still working a full-time job. But that doesn’t mean you have to feel overwhelmed or sacrifice your sanity in the process. By focusing on the right things and building a solid foundation, you can set yourself up for success and create unstoppable momentum.

Ready to up-level your brand & Web design and confidently share your message with the world?

Ready to Master your message, align your mindset and attract + sign your dream clients with ease?

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why work with me?

As a Business & Mindset Coach, I know how to efficiently create and launch an online business and help you attract your dream clients through your branding, web design and marketing strategy. We will work together to uncover and re-wire the subconscious blocks that are holding them back from being visible in the first place and create an aligned action plan for you to confidently show up and share your message.

As a Brand Strategist & Web Designer, I understand how to take your vision and turn it into reality. We'll work together to get clear on your brand identity and align your branding with your personality, core values and mission so you can confidently share your message and attract your dream clients with ease.

I want you to feel aligned with your branding, clear in your messaging and proud to show your website to the world. You have an important message to share and I want to help you share it with confidence. I'm here to support you every step of the way.