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Effective Date: January 1st 2022
Updated: January 1st 2022


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By using any video, audio, or written content contained within this website created by Kimberly King Coaching (hereby referred to as "Company"), you acknowledge you have read the following agreement and consent to the terms and conditions of this Service, which may include the use of the following holistic practices and techniques:

1. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (“NLP”), which is an approach to assist you in re-programming your thoughts, language, and behavioral patterns to achieve certain desirable outcomes, with a focus on changing neurological programs;

2. Non-therapeutic Hypnosis (“Hypnosis”), which is defined as the use of hypnosis to inculcate positive thinking and the capacity for self-hypnosis, which may help you induce positive mindsets and commitment to change;

3. Emotional Freedom Technique (“EFT or Tapping”), which focuses on utilizing the meridian points of the body to release energetic blockages and restore balance to your body’s energy;

4. TIME Techniques, which is a set of tools to help you eliminate negative emotions of the past and present, with an emphasis on helping you activate your imagination to create a compelling future. (collectively referred to as “Services”)
Although Company is trained and certified to perform the above Services, Company is not a licensed medical professional or other mental health care provider; in order to get medical advice, you must see a doctor. Company does not represent the Services as any form of health care or psychotherapy, and despite research to the contrary, by law Company may make no health benefit claims for said Services. However, these holistic practices are client-centered disciplines, in which Company is highly trained to assist you in accomplishing your goals, whatever they may be, using the Services described above. Nevertheless, the Services may not be regulated by any government or administrative body. Nothing in the Services shall be construed as a substitute for the treatment or advice of a doctor or other licensed medical professional.


The Services rendered are held out to the public as “non-therapeutic hypnotism”, defined above. Company does not represent the Services as any form of health care or psychotherapy, and despite research to the contrary, by law Company may make no health benefit claims for said Services.You hereby acknowledge that hypnosis is not a substitute for medical care, as hypnosis neither diagnoses nor treats any medical conditions. Instead, hypnosis provides tools for you to complement your medical treatments. If any medical symptoms persist or progress, even acutely, you hereby agree to inform your medical provider immediately and seek medical attention. You also hereby agree to indemnify Company of any health issues that may persist or progress whilst working with Company. If/when non-therapeutic hypnosis is used, you should ensure that you are fully alert and awake before driving or doing any activity that requires full attention for your safety.


You also acknowledge that Company cannot and does not guarantee that implementation of the Services will provide you with an ideal resolution and/or perfect life. Throughout the Services, Company may help you think through and analyze decisions and assist you with finding your own direction. The Company may offer her opinion regarding decisions, but it is your responsibility to make the final decision and choose the best option for yourself. You also agree that you are solely responsible for any personal and/or professional decisions and indemnify Company from any liability regarding said decision. If, at any point during the Services, you feel any adverse effects from any of the Services and/or techniques defined above, you hereby agree to immediately disclose said effects to Company and your medical service provider.


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